Privacy-focussed Website Analytics

Like 99% of websites, we track usage on our site to help us better understand our customers. However, recently we switched from privacy-invasive Google Analytics to Fathom.

Tommy Silver - Japanese

Tommy Silver

8月 01, 2020

Fathom Analytics

Tracking visitors to your website is more-or-less essential these days. It quickly helps you show how much penetration you're making in your market, how many people you're attracting, and whether your website is converting those users. Google Analytics has become the go-to solution over the year, due to the fact that you get some extremely detailed information for free. However, free is usually free*. It comes at a cost, and quickly you and your users become the product.

Fathom Analytics is a powerful tool taking a simple form. It shows your data in a way that you can quickly digest; how many page views, the bounce rate, and lets you build and track goals extremely easily.

But it also does it in a privacy-focused way. There are no cookies, no individual tracking, and no user data being monetized and shared with other companies.

"We are focused on privacy for website visitors, we don't track them, save their personal information, or need it to be profitable."

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